Life Skills Edition is ON SALE!!!

The Life Skills edition can be used by a variety of professionals and managers who are responsible for the treatment and care of individuals with developmental delays, e.g., OTRs, COTAs, licensed nurse practitioners, social workers, special educators or case managers.

The Life Skills Edition includes the Life Skills section:

A.  Self-Help: eating, dressing, bathing/hygiene, grooming, toileting

B.  Home Management: meal preparation, laundering (SAMPLE), house cleaning/home maintenance, telephone usage

C.  Work Readiness/Cognition: attention, organization/sequencing, following directions, behavioral issues, memory, problem solving, visual-motor integration skills

D.  Community Tasks: shopping, banking, post office, leisure activities, public transportation/travel

The Life Skills starter package includes:

  • The 31-page Life Skills manual and
  • 15 of the 12-page Life Skills scoring forms.

You save $7.50!       

BUT WAIT!!!  Now you can get the

LS manual and forms for only $15.00, for a savings of $20.00!

LS manual for only $10.00, for a savings of $15.00! AND

LS scoring forms (15) for only $7.50, for a savings of $10.00!

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