Baby Sign Language

Imagine this situation:

Your 11 month old baby was sitting with some toys happily playing. All of a sudden she starts sounding very frustrated. You ask her “What is wrong? Did you want a different toy? Is your diaper dirty? Are you hungry?” Part of you says “Why do I even ask? She doesn’t understand; and if she did, she can’t answer anyway!”  Now both of you are frustrated!

Wish you could talk with your baby? You can!

The solution:  A Community Education Talk on Baby Sign Language. Did you know that research at Boston University has shown that babies begin truly understanding words around 7 1/2 months of age? By 9-10 months of age they are usually ready to try communicating with you, but cannot talk yet. How frustrating!

Here is my daughter on her first birthday asking for “more” “eat”!  “More” was the first sign she ever used.  I know the quality of these old scanned negatives isn’t good, but you get the picture! (groan!)


When my daughter was 15 months old, she could ask “where is baby?” when she wanted her baby doll. How simple! At a funeral she could sign to me that she wanted something to drink, not making a noise or disturbing others. True story. How wonderful!

If you are pregnant or a parent of an infant or baby, you really need to listen to this talk. Imagine being out shopping and your 13 month old starts fussing. You ask what he wants, he tells you he wants a drink, you pull out a bottle, he’s happy and you get your shopping done.

Best of all, imagine other parents looking at you with utter amazement and respect!


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