OTR Edition

The OTR Edition can only be used by registered occupational therapists or qualified COTAs, as the subject areas require understanding of physiology, sensory and motor systems. The OT should also have experience working with developmentally delayed population and have a good understanding of how perceptual and motor skills translate to functional skills.  The OTR Edition includes the Life Skills section and the Foundation Skills section.   The Foundation Skills section looks at:

A.  Sensory Integration: ocular-motor, visual-perception, auditory, tactile, olfactory/gustatory, vestibular, proprioception, body schema

B.  Neuromotor Status, muscle tone, strength, range of motion, reflex integration, static postural control, bilateral coordination, motor planning

C.  Fine Motor Skills (SAMPLE)

D.  Oral Motor Skills.

The OTR starter package includes:

  • The 46-page OTR manual,
  • 15 of the 16-page combined Life Skills and Foundation Skills scoring forms,
  • 20 of the 8-page Foundation Skills scoring forms, as well as
  • 20 2-page screening forms.

You save $13.00!

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