Great Play

We often talk about work versus play. Get the work done before you can play. Even your social status may be judged by how much you work versus how much you play. Some of these attitudes can trickle down to our children, particularly those preschool aged. As parents, we want to provide our children with everything we can to help them to succeed in life. We make a point of getting early learning activities, make sure the child can operate a computer mouse at a very young age, drill them with DVD’s of language and math skills. You get the picture. Here is the problem with this picture:


You will get useful information from this talk on the basics of development, helping you to make the right choices of games, toys and activities to meet the specific needs of your child.  Another important element to development is when and how much you need to be directly involved.  There needs to be a balance of instruction and letting the child just PLAY!

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