I have had many customers ask for a digital version of my JIFS.  I’m happy to say the the Life Skills Edition is now available for Mac and PCs!  Thanks to David K. Woods, PhD of UW Madison.  Compu-JIFS has everything from the print format, only now the math of scoring is done for you!  You will have

  • unlimited forms to use,
  • side by side comparison of scores,
  • FREE upgrades, and
  • print out only that part of the inventory that you use.

Here is a sweet deal for you!  The first three customers of Compu-JIFS that give me honest feedback on the tool will get a 25% rebate!  The next three will get a 15% rebate!  You can’t lose!  Download and print out the flyer here   CompuJIFS.LS.Flyer

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