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Betsy J. Kennedy, MS, OTR, CLT, CLYL*

*What do all those letters mean? MS, OTR = Master's degree in OT, CLT = Certified Lymphedema Therapist,

and CLYL = Certified Laughter Yoga Leader!! I have also completed the 3-part course towards being a Kinesio Tape Practitioner.


Do your feet swell, but having them up all night doesn't make a difference? Do your extremities tend to swell when up in an airplane? Are you a cancer survivor, or had major surgery? Or have you had constant swelling most of your life?

Any of these situations could mean you are experiencing, or may experience, lymphedema. The lymph system is part of the circulatory system, but the heart only pumps the blood, not lymph fluid. Lymphedema therapy combines, movement, gentle massage, and resistive wrapping to bring your lymphedema under control. It is gentle, non-evasive, heck, many of my patients fall asleep during the session!

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Guess what? Medical sciences and psychology have finally proven that LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE! This amazing form of exercise began in 1995 in India, by a family physician, Madan Kataria, and has swept the globe, improving lives in over 70 countries. Laughter Yoga uses pure laughter and deep yoga breathing techniques to bring about a myriad of physiological, chemical and mental benefits, helping you to better cope with and enjoy life. I personally know a woman who through Laughter Yoga, rid herself of all pain from fibromyalgia. Laughter is a universal language and can be enjoyed by ALL, anywhere, anytime.

Here's the really fun part: Your body doesn't know the difference between fake and real laughter. What other exercise program do you know that you can fake, and still get all the benefits?! What more do you want?

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Occupational therapy is an allied health profession which focuses on activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, bathing, eating, personal hygiene, going to the bathroom, or preparing meals, home management, and shopping. OT helps individuals of any age and with any disability to help them to be as independent and safe as possible.

I can help you to organize your home to be safer and more independent by simple re-organizing of furniture, rugs, lighting, food storage and set up of your bathroom. I pride myself in finding simple solutions. I am not affiliated with any company who is trying to sell you their products.

Jacobs Inventory of Functional Skills

This non-standardized evaluation tool was designed with the adult developmentally disabled population in mind. It covers all functional skills, can be customized, and also looks at the underlying sensory-neuro- motor skills. Because of the comprehensive level of skills included, this tool has been valuable to schools for transition planning to adult programs and other debilitating diagnoses, such as stroke, to monitor change.


The Jacobs Inventory of Functional Skills (JIFS) Life Skills Edition is actually READY for your interactive report writing pleasure at your computer! CompuJIFS, Life Skills Edition, to the rescue! Order now!

Sensory Integration

Absolutely everything we do is based on how our senses detect, our brain interprets and our muscles respond to our environment. If there is a problem, the result can be frustrating and exhausting to the child and family.

Kinesio Taping!

If you watched any of the 2012 Summer Olympics, you saw colorful tape all over many of the athletes. This unique stretchy tape supports joints, relieves pain, reduces swelling, enhances muscle performance, rids you of bruises, all without drugs or harming your skin. It is amazing, comfortable and affordable to everyone.

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